What We Offer

Roofing & Siding

We offer a full line of metal roofing from Prime Painted, Thifty Painted, #2 Painted, Rainbow, Polycarbonate Skylite, Corrugated, & 5-V Panels.   


All D-Panel metal orders are custom cut and most usually are processed in 2/hrs or less.


Deliveries available up to 42' length & need 24/hr notice.


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Trim & Flashing

We offer a full line of trim and flashing including: Ridge Cap, Endwall Flashing, W-Valley, Corner, House Rake, Sidewall Flashing, Chimney Flashing and many more.


Special Trim requires 48/hrs notice and available in all 16 painted colors.


Click Here for a full list of all trims.

Cannonball Accessories

If you want to hang a Custom Sliding Door or install a Aluminum Walk-Thru Door available with or without a window.  


We also have a variety of Single Pane Side Slider Windows.


We have a full line of sliding door hangers, brackets, rails, and many, many, more items.  


Click Here for a full list of all Cannonball Accessories. 

Grip Rite Accessories

We offer an array of products from Grip Rite including Prime Guard Plus Exterior Screws, Plastic Round Orange Cap Nails, Felt Paper, and Synthetic Underlay


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We offer 3 options of insulation including Single Bubble, Double Bubble, & 2" Reinforced Back Fiberglass Insulation.


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We also offer a wide range of toos from Malco Tools.  This line includes Turbo Shears, Aviation Snips, 12" Combination Snips, 25' Tape Measure, Hand Seamers, Caulk Gun, Utility Knife, & Various Bits and Hex Drivers.


We also offer Nemesis & N-Spec Safety Glasses


We also offer various other items.


Geocell 2300

Master Flash Pipe Boots

Tacky Tape

Foam Filler Strips

Sealtite Screws

Firring Strips

CannonBall Aluminum Doors

Slider Windows (Single Pane)

Roof Louvers

Jackson Nemesis Safety Glasses

and many more.